Conference for contagious Christianity in everyday life


This event is help educate youngsters about the way Christianity plays a major role in everyday life.


We want any christian who are willing to put their story of miracles that occurred recently, we are here to listen.


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Impressions of the Explo

This expo is a formal event, We learners, preachers are here to listen to the words of God. to help ensure that they have the right path.


Our Speaker for this event is George Mayer, Who believes in the Magic that is God and want to ensure that other people also feel his presence in them.


The timing of the event will be as follows.

12:00PMWelcome: James Philips

13:30PMKeynote: George Mayer

15:30PMLunch Break

16:00PMKeynote: Erica Morgan

18:00PMTea Break

19:00PMDinner and drinks











6 Best Water Distillers – (Reviews & Definitive Guide 2019)

6 Best Water Distillers – (Reviews & Definitive Guide 2019)

Times have changed a lot and technology has been the biggest impact. But despite all the changes, certain things have remained. Distillation is one of them because it’s still effective regardless of the advancement. This is one of the crucial reasons why it’s still relevant. So, if you are looking for one, then here are some best water distillers.

Megahome Water Distiller

The Megahome Water Distiller is a quality product that includes stainless steel on the inside. Due to that, water will not touch the plastic during filtration. Soon after the process of filtration, the water is collected in a glass container, thereby making sure that it does not come in touch with other plastic parts. With good capacity, this product is worth your investment.


H2oLabs Model-200 Countertop Home Water Distiller

If you’re an individual on a budget, then the H2oLabs Model-200 Countertop might be the one for you. It is lightweight and adaptable to your needs and requirements. They function in a smooth manner, and for pressure regulation, they combat it with ease and quality.

Best-In-Class Stainless Steel Water Distiller

The Best-In-Class Stainless Steel water distiller can be considered as another product that offers top quality by providing you with some clean water for consumption. The plastic components are made from food-grade materials and are also BPA-free. In terms of maintenance, you will find that the glass carafe and stainless steel distiller are easy to clean, thanks to their large openings.

CO-Z 4 Liter Pure Water Distiller Set

When it comes to distillers, manufacturers have a lot to offer, and they all come in terms of being affordable. The CO-Z 4 Liter Pure Water Distiller Set is that product that provides efficiency and reliability in all ways. The internal steam chamber is made out of stainless steel, and that talks a lot about quality. But if price is not an issue and you want a premium model, then you need to check out some of the best water distiller models, for more information.


CNCShop Water Distiller Water Distillation Purifier

The CNCShop Water Distiller is one of those products that can be worth your investment. It has an internal capacity of one gallon and can filter around 0.26 gallons of water in over 60 minutes. But when it comes to durability, there are certain other products in the industry that are better.

Pure Water Mini-Classic CT Counter Top Water Distiller

Buy the Pure Water Mini-Classic and forget about the lengthy process of installation. This particular machine does not make noise while it works, leaving you with peace of mind. All its features combined seem to make it perfect for all households regardless of their size. But the amount of time it takes to filter might not please you.



How to Become a Christian Minister?

A Christian minister can work in a number of denominations across the spiritual lines of the church community. The work of a Christian minister includes but not limited to leading church services, counseling and administering religious ordinances. The key requirement is to have good communication skills both written and oral. Below are the basic steps that one has to go through to become a Christian minister.

1.  Choose a denomination

Choosing a denomination is the first step you have to do. There is a number of denominations that a Christian minister can choose from. Each denomination has particular rules and requirement that he or she has to observe. One will, therefore, choose a denomination that he feels more comfortable with, that is in line with his beliefs.

2.  Earn a bachelor’s degree

The same thing you have to do is to have a degree, for a Christian minister regardless of his denominations has to be knowledgeable of all the doctrines and the holy texts in order to guide members of the church accordingly.

3.  Divinity school

To become a Christian minister, going to a divinity school is one of the requirements. A divinity school is a Christian based school that offers theological classes. They prepare the students to be equipped with the basic knowledge of leadership roles in communities and in churches.

4.  Ordination process

The last step towards becoming a Christian minister is to go through the ordination process up to its completion, this process is where the person who wants to become a minister is granted the authority to go outside and perform his duties. The process may include doing some district-level examinations or doing oral and written interviews. They may also have to do some church activities and volunteer jobs before being employed. They also have to work under the guidance of the church until the ordination process is complete. Learn some
tips for learning electric guitar as well.